Meet Alexis

Alexis has been riding bikes, making food, and creating art since before she can remember. All an important part of her daily life, she has raced, hosted guests, built a thriving bakery and restaurant with her former husband from the ground up, and helped implement and build a non-profit cafe to promote the integration of women at risk into viable careers.

After attending the Fine Arts Center in Greenville and the SC Governor’s School, she pursued an art degree, graduating with a BFA from Winthrop University. Hitting the trails and rock walls as often as possible, Alexis always sought to find balance in her life by surrounding herself with the great outdoors, working for a time as a rock-climbing instructor and guiding trips.

Returning to the Carolinas from her job working as a graphic designer in Northern CA, Alexis and her former husband founded the Flat Rock Village Bakery, and subsequently, the full-service restaurant West First Wood-Fired. Alexis designed and implemented the entirety of the build of West First, and due to its great success was asked a couple of years ago to do the same for Mainstay’s project to create a job-training cafe for its clients. This enterprise is the Dandelion Eatery and has been a brilliant addition to downtown Hendersonville. For a while, she even worked at the local bike shop and led weekly group shop rides.

Today, Alexis is an avid cyclist who uses her creativity and skills to transform beautiful interiors for clients. She is willing to tackle any project, no matter how difficult. She also loves spending time in her studio creating custom jewelry, taking long hikes in the winter and keeping an inviting home along with her teenage daughters.

Alexis has dreamed of combining these loves of her life in one place where she can share it with fellow outdoor-adventure lovers, art, food, and music aficionados alike. She has created a place where old friends and new will return again and again.

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